GUNSMOAK CWP is NOT intended for beginning shooters.
Basic pistol skills are required to complete this course.   Please Contact the instructor to discuss scheduling as necessary.


  1. Are YOU a Beginning Shooter?
    If you are not proficient w/ your handgun to SAFELY Handle, Load, Aim, & Fire completely UN-ASSISTED, you may need to acquire First Steps, or Basic Handgun training.  
    Concealed Weapon Permit Class is NOT intended for Beginning Shooters.  
    You are welcomed to contact GUNSMOAK for assistance via Private Lessons, or assist in building a small Handgun Safety class by inviting some of your friends to join you.
  2. Reserve a Seat - Why Wait, Again?
    If it is NOT a priority for you, you'll be reading this same information a year from now, OR TWO. (Right, Harris?)   Go ahead, MAKE THE RESERVATION and follow through. Talk it up and bring your friends with you.   Don't ask them. TELL THEM you are attending and THEY should join YOU.
    SC law requires you to spend time with the Instructor.   Though you could read the material on the web, hearing some explanation of SC Gun Law may keep you out of trouble later.   ALSO, inadvertently finding yourself on the wrong side of a situation could easily end up costing your family a retirement, hard-saved college fund, second home, family property, or more even if you fully believed you were totally within your Rights.   You will most likely enjoy the class, AND the knowledge.
  4. When you complete the CWP Application.
    Open, Complete, THEN PRINT
    SLED requires the application and Ck List to be PRINTED from a device to be sure no mistakes are entered creating your permit/record.
    The sooner you send it, the sooner it is processed.   You WILL need the completed application at the classroom.   Once you get an Instructor number and a signature at the end of class, you may mail your packet.  
    FOLLOW THE CHECKLIST on the front of the application to ensure everything is in the envelope.  
    Not all list items may apply to you.  
    A Detailed message will be emailed to you once we have an idea of class size and reserve our location. The DETAIL will include information you MUST enter as annotated for your permit to process completely.
    and don't call SLED until day 100.   Lately, some have received permits much earlier.  
    While you're waiting, spend some time on the Concealment and/or Armed Friendly websites and forums. You'll find a wealth of information and numerous folks that enjoy bantering, querying, and prying into new and old information, tactics, test results, etc. regarding all sorts of firearms and topics.

You can find any number of interesting Firearm related Training or discussion sites.   Be sure to look around before settling on just one or two.   Consider every piece of advice for logic, application, and reality; does it make sense to YOU?   Even the most outlandish tales may seem to a novice a logical possibility if told by a skilled conversationalist.   Don't believe everything you hear, even from across the counter at a Gunshop.   However, a firearm-dedicated Gunshop clerk is usually more savvy than a Sports-clerk at Wally-mart, Richards, or Trouts'R'Us.

    What do I bring to Class??
    unless bringing CASH for payment, GUNSMOAK provides everything you need for taking notes.
  • Still need to Qualify?
    GUNSMOAK may offer opportunities for Live Fire on separate days to enable personal work with less experienced SHOOTERS.   BUT not all GUNSMOAK classes have this option.


      Live-Fire @ INDOOR RANGE
    1. FIREARM
    2. 50 Rnds Ammunition
    3. Safety Equip provided w/ range fee
      Classroom Instruction
    1. All materials provided
      Feel free to bring a favorite notebook, pad, etc. if that is your customary mode for classroom environment
    2. Do NOT bring firearms into classroom unless/until express permission is given by the instructor.



GUNSMOAK CWP is NOT intended for beginning shooters.
Basic pistol skills are required to complete this course.   Please Contact the instructor to discuss scheduling as necessary.


Information & disclaimers

Concealable weapon means a firearm having a length of less than twelve inches measured along its greatest dimension that must be carried in a manner that is hidden from public view in normal wear of clothing except when needed for self defense, defense of others, and the protection of real or personal property.

Specific information on your firearm IS NOT recorded.

Normal Target or Concealed Carry Arms ONLY - NO Homemade, kit, nor Match Arms allowed. EVERY FIREARM WILL BE INSPECTED FOR SAFETY. Instructor IS sole authority regarding inclusion firearms for CWP qualification

Ammunition :Store-bought, Branded/Boxed, Manufactured ONLY

Moderate Calibers Recommended for Qualification.

Range attire should be closed-toe shoes, outdoor wear (comfortable jeans, boots, wide-brimmed hat, etc)
Soft-sole shoes are NOT recommended for out-door ranges.


Safety gear may be available for outdoor qualification on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

Safety Items not included in course price.

Refund for Cancellation prior to 15 days of class start available MINUS Admin charge of $5 + 7.5%.




Can I apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit

Disqualifying Factors PER SECTION 16-23-30, SC LAW

  • convicted of a crime of violence in any court of the United States
  • Fugitive from Justice
  • Habitual Drunkard or Drug Addict
  • Adjudicated Mentally incompetent

    You may access South Carolina's Gun Law HERE


    Want to sponsor your own group or private class?

    Call to discuss options


    Please email for additional information.