Prohibited Carry Locations


Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1995

Premises of a publicly-owned building (16-23-240)
  {Violation is a felony - $5000 and / or 5 years}
Exception; Interstate Rest area for CWP holder

Licensed (on-premises) alcohol premises (16-23-465)
  {Violation is a misdemeanor - $2000 and / or 3 years and revocation of CWP}
Exception; CWP holder unless prohibitive signage, or asked to remove self or arm

Private residence without permission (Section 12 of Act 464, 1996)
  {Violation is a misdemeanor - $1000 and / or 1 year}

Any place where prohibited by sign (16-11-620)
  {Violation - $200 or 30 days}

Any law enforcement office or facility (23-31-215 {M})

Any detention or correctional facility (23-31-215 {M})

Courthouse or courtroom (23-31-215 {M})

Polling place on election day (23-31-215 {M})

Office of or meeting of county council, public school district,
city council, special purpose district (23-31-215 {M})

School or college athletic event (23-31-215 {M})
Exception; locked or attended in CWP holder's vehicle

Day care or pre-school facility (23-31-215 {M})
Exception; locked or attended in CWP holder's vehicle

Any place prohibited by federal law (23-31-215 {M})

Church or religious sanctuary (23-31-215 {M})
Exception; CWP holder w/ acceptable permission

Hospital, medical clinic, doctor's office,
any place medical procedures performed (23-31-215 {M})

NOTE***Violation of any provision of 23-31-215 {M} is a misdemeanor - Not less than $1000 and/or 1 year and permit revoked for 5 years (23-31-215).